Saturday, April 9, 2011


It's National Poetry Month

Wish you were here

Made it safe and sound
Saw some sights and grabbed a bite
The girls are having a blast

Going to sleep now
Busy day tomorrow
Glad this trip won't last

I miss you too much

With Love,
I've only just arrived
And though it's not for long
My heart is already aching 
Being away from you is wrong

Jersey Shore

The is sun is bright 
as I relax on the sand
I won't stay long, 
I'll burn instead of tan

I'm addicted to skee-ball 
and funnel cake
And the sky ride down the boardwalk 
is great

There's something missing here
There a certain "glam" on TV 
Well if "reality" cant be trusted
I'll have to start watching Glee

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