Friday, April 1, 2011

What got me here Poem

It's National Poetry Month

Becoming Me

Years of dreaming ~ making believe
Envisioning what the future would be
Years of chasing those dreams, but all wrong
Ended up sacrificing them for a love song
Years later that song was worn and outdated
And life all around seemed ill-fated
Started with the innermost recesses and worked outward
I took stock and toil over of my own accord

Years of study and self reflection
Led to making personal corrections
Years spent in near solitude
The changes I have made include
Loving thy self, opening my eyes
Setting the bar higher for the next guy
Deciding who I want to be
Making the decisions best for me

Years number two since my love I found
He exceeds the bar and together we are sound
Nourishing my dreams, feeding my soul
Now I have a place, I have found my role
Confident again to use words to express
The anger, sorrow and pain I oppressed
The years that have passed establish in me
The writer I hope for years to be

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