Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Resolve Not to Resolve

Resolutions.  Goals.  To Do Lists.  Planners.  Dreams.

Its that time again when people make promises to themselves in an attempt to make their lives/self better.  Unfortunately, not all succeed.  And in turn, feel worse about themselves.  Then people get it stuck in their head that they have to wait till next January 1st  to try again. 

Why do we have to wait? 

The are things I want to do or be; and put off year after year.  This year (now less than an hours left) I decided; I was not waiting for a publicly designated day to make changes in my life. 

I did set off on this path earlier this year, but have only been able to give my commute time to it.  So a few weeks ago I started actively working more and more while opening up to others what I am doing.  I am not one to let others in.

I even spent almost 2 hours today, going from store to store to purchase a necessary tool for my work.  I found finally found it.  I also have 2 people offering to help me. 

My advice, don't let the closing year and a bottle of champagne convince you to set deadlines on your happiness or well-being.  Just like we should carry Christmas in our hearts every day.  We should wake up every morning with the belief and confidence that we can make life changes and/or start or re-start good habits as needed.

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  1. Very well said. I always say that my resolution is not to make a resolution because I know that I'm not going to be anymore inclined to do something that I've been putting off just because a particular day happens to go by. Ironically, reading this may have inspired me to try put some more effort into some things that I've been wanting to accomplish so, while I won't formalize it as such, I think that that may count as a resolution. Happy New Year, Deb. :)