Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun with technology

To tweet or not to tweet, I suppose a lot of people have already posed this question.  Becoming a new tweeter yesterday, the words carelessly came to me.  Followed by a thought to Blog ~

I think I might have found time to Blog (another "new" in my life, blogging).  Every Tuesday night I sit in a parking lot waiting for my daughter to finish dance rehearsal.  A perfect time to compose thoughts and blog, hopefully for your reading pleasure. 

It seems to me that new technology enters our family around Christmas, especially the past few years.  It started when the children received a Gameboy, to share.  When that broke I bought them each a DS lite.  Then came the Wii.  When one of the DS’s broke, they got DSi’s and I got the surviving DS lite.  This year one child got an iPod, the other the Novel e-reader and because my phone started to act poorly, my wonderful boyfriend bought me a Windows 7 Phone.  The Windows Phone is very cool, I feel like I have a little computer on me at all times.  We have a lot of fun with it.  Every time someone asks , “What was that actors name?”, or “Who sings this song?”,  where or when, I pullout my phone and put everyone’s mind to rest. 

I write this because I am driving on the Parkway, to that parking lot to wait for my daughter, dictating this post to my phone.  So not only is my phone, a phone, my social hub, calendar, alarm clock, Rand McNally, mobile computer, camera and iPod (it hold so much more music than my $20 MP3), it is my “tape recorder.”  You should know in NJ it is illegal to talk, type, tweet, FB, MySpace; in short communicate with others while driving.  And even though this will become a post on my blog for others to read, at this moment, I am driving and talking to myself.  Years before even basic mobile phones were thought as common; people would commute to work with a tape recorder in the passenger seat, dictating letters, speeches, and even closing arguments.  That is my loop hole, I am not communicating with anyone. 

My phone also has voice to text.  As I speak it types to an email, message, tweet or memo.  The only problem is, I find I can’t give it more than 5 words at a time.  And since the Windows Phones does not have copy and paste, I would still have to retype everything.  So I am dictating to Pocket Recorder. 

I started out talking about Twitter.  The company I work for recently joined Twitter and I decided to break down and join the masses.  I also started following some of my favorite bands; Disturbed, Evanescence and Skillet.  I also looked up Poet Robert Lee Brewer, a member of my Face Book who also posts to follow him on Twitter.  Now I go back to the home page and there are 20-40 tweets I don’t have time to read.  The top 3 are from Robert lee Brewer, 2 minutes ago, 4 minutes ago and 6 minutes ago.  I logged out of twitter.  Later I checked again and there were umpteen more tweets, most of them links to other things to read.  Even my own company was posting links.  And the bands we re-tweeting posts from their fans.  I didn’t even know you could “re-tweet”.  Again I logged off.  I think tomorrow I will un-follow the bands and start myself off slowly with just my company and the poet.

And thus I became a Tweeter. Hopefully I will find something to blog about next week that will not include my misadventures with social networks or my phone.


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  1. I need a new cool phone. Does the windows phone take good pics and videos too? I dont know what I should get for a phone but I want the price cheap because at this point I really never use one. I suppose if it did more I would use it more. Yours sounds pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way I am on twitter. I am Healthy fortunes. I do not use it much and I do not know why it is so popular.